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Summer Shorts 2017

Eight short plays. One ticket. Celebrate 20 years of Playrights' Round Table.

Summer Shorts 2017

July 28-August 6, 2017

Santos Dantin Theater, Orlando Shakespeare Center

PRT is pleased to present its annual summer collection of original plays, SUMMER SHORTS 2017, to celebrate our 20th Anniversary of promoting and producing original work in Central Florida.

SUMMER SHORTS 2017 will be presented in the Orlando Shakespeare Center's Santos Dantin Studio Theater (812 E. Rollins Street). Performances are on Friday and Saturday nights July 28th and 29th and August 4th and 5th at 8pm, with Sunday 3pm matinee-only performances on July 30th and August 6th.

The plays are:

"Indelible" by Lisa Bruna, directed by Jac Ledoux.

A father-daughter relationship is tested by life events, prompting each of them to seek guidance from the one woman they trust most. But which one of them is giving her the true account of what's going on?

Carol: Sharon Barnert
Chelsea: Ashlee DeGelleke
Roland: Patrick James

"The 5564 to Toronto" by Karen Howes, directed by John Reid Adams.

A young woman's future is changed for the better when a strange note in the hands of a self-proclaimed superhero warns her to stay clear of the 5564 bus from Buffalo to Toronto.

Gavin: Jason Skinner
Molly: Shelby Reynolds

"A Midsummer Night's Dorm" by Ken Preuss, directed by Tracey Jane Smith.

As newly-dating couple packs a dorm and prepares for a summer apart, their conversations, confrontations, and confessions explore past loves, present feelings, and future plans.

Mia: Grace Trotta
Xander: Joe Hall

"Brokendown House" by Lezlie Revelle, directed by Gary Norris. 

Margaret is not ready to move out of her home after many decades, but she's still aware that her daughter's "friend" may be more than just a friend.

Margaret: Ginny Fraebel
Carrie: Marcie Schwalm
Sarah: Kareen Kennedy

"Jim Reaper" by Tracey Jane Smith, directed by Dina Najjar.

After twenty years of marriage, recent divorcée Blanche flirts with an oddly irresistible man named Jim at a party, while insurance-adjuster Bob tries to avoid him at all costs. Knowledgeable party-goer Doris identifies Jim as THE Jim Reaper, and the fates of his respective guests are revealed in a card game.

Jim: Jim Serrano
Blanche: Sharon Tedder
Bob: Mark Davids
Doris: Faye Novick

"Clowntime is Over" by TJ Snodgrass, directed by Katherine Riley. 

A professional clown finds out that her fiance has hired a princess as entertainment for his niece's birthday party instead of her.

Livia: Alicia Boswell
Evan: BeeJay Clinton

"Homecoming" by Jeffrey Strausser, directed by Kate Murray.

When a would-be intruder bangs on his door at one in the morning, Walter is ready for trouble. But the intruder is a young woman and her baby, both victims of domestic violence. When Walter reluctantly lets them into his home, they open the mind-at least momentarily-of his wife Nora, a victim of early onset dementia.

Walter: Dev Zebra
Celeste: Bre'Anna Smith
Nora: Sally Daykin

"Gel Us" by Paige Zubel, directed by Pam Stone.

Two women running a marathon realize their motivations for competing weren't all that pure.

Laura: April Tubbs
Kathy: Darci Ricciardi

The production will also include dance performances created by Deena Flowers and Stuart Nichols.

Some mature language and situations. Parental discretion advised.