Summer Shorts 2016

PRT is pleased to present its annual summer collection of original plays, SUMMER SHORTS 2016.

A portion of the proceeds from Summer Shorts will be donated to the OneOrlando fund to provide much needed support to the victims of the Pulse tragedy and their families.

The plays are:

"Fly Fishing at Midnight" by Ari Chadwick-Saund
A wise old woman and a troubled teen connect unexpectedly over fly fishing in the Yellowstone River.

Lil - Missy Barnes
Twain - Mira Strauss

"Unconscious Uncouplings" by Megan Fellows
A quick-cut exploration of the vagaries of relationships.

Man - Rob Del Medico
Woman - Naomy Delgado
Woman - Cindy Sherden
Man - David Strauss

"Shore Leave" by Christine Foster
Past and present collide on a restored boat.

Jessica - Eileen Antonescu
Ronnie - Bill Crippen
Mitch - Boyd Goodall
Wesley - Thomas Rivera

"Speed Mating" by David Guaspari
The clock ticks on four mayflys as they try to ensure survival of the species before it's too late.

Patti - Carmen Borja
Chick - Thomas Rivera
Sam - Jake Teixeira
Frances - Vanessa Toro

"Don't Look Back" by Erin Lerch
We don't know who we really are until we discover a new way of looking at ourselves.

Abigail - Brienna Killgallon
Riley - David Strauss

"The Nude" by William Newkirk
Breaking out of a dull life means exposing yourself to something new.

Brian - Mark Davids
Lisa - Sally Daykin
Claire - Kendra Musselle
Jeffrey - Robert Sollien

"The Cut of Memory" by David Strauss
The darker side of virtual reality.

Daniel - Mark Davids
Melanie - Brienna Killgallon
Peter - Anthony Marando
DJ - Joshua Ryan Roller

"On Track" by Katie Thayer
Can friendship save you from making a terminal decision?

Jen - Caitlin Elizabeth Nicholas
Crystal - Garline Remy

The performances will also include a special performance by the PRT dancers commissioned to commemorate the Pulse 49.