PRT's Premiere Series 2016 - April 8-17, 2016

Playwrights' Round Table is proud to present the 2016 edition of our Premiere Series, the world premiere of a full length romantic comedy written by local playwright David Strauss.

What if you found the right person at the wrong time?

A romantic comedy set in the modern day, How To Hold Hands is the story of Annie Logan, a sci-fi writer who specializes in books aimed at teen audiences. She's well past her deadline on her newest book, a novel aimed at adult readers. She meets Eric, an adult with Asperger's, at a book signing. Despite his social anxiety, she starts to bond with him as he offers advice on how to finish her book. But when Eric's past reasserts itself, can Annie and Eric find a way to make it work?

Directed by Chuck Dent

Featuring the talents of:

Annie - Samantha Behr
Eric - John Reid Adams
Ethan - Anthony Marando
Jani - Dina Najjar
Viktor - Derek Wallman
Renee - Cindy Shepard

Presented by PRT at the Santos Dantin Studio Theater, in the Lowdnes Shakespeare Center (812 E. Rollins Street).

About the playwright: David Strauss has had many plays produced in Central Florida since 2008. This is his second full length production. He has written or co-written eight Orlando Fringe productions, including Patron's Pick and "Best Original Musical" Annie Todd: The Demon Orphan of Fleet Street and Patron's Pick and "Best Original Play" Who Murdered Winthrop Carlson: A Choose Your Own Adventure Mystery, and has had well over a dozen plays produced by Playwrights' Round Table in the last few years.